The Waiting Game: Spaces as Spectacle

Responsive Environments: Bergamo eMotion, Spring 2016, Harvard GSD
Teachers: Allen Sayegh, Stefano Andreani
Students: Maria Arroyo, Lee Ann Bobrowski, Ambrose Luk

The project explores emotions of motion set in waiting areas. These spaces remain fixed around a fluxing infrastructure of public transportation. Within them the emotional complexities of travel can be altered or enhanced. Bus terminals, subway stations and street edges, serve as platforms for experiential spectacles and venues to engage in time collapsing, immersive, sensory experiences. In this regard, Bergamo is a pilot site for exploring the implications of marrying built form and digital overlays, employing the bus pole as the mode to manifest spectacle. The existing structure of bus travel in the city is investigated, with each correlating terminal stop categorized (small, medium, or large) to establish spatial parameters for design interventions. The project engages with structural interventions of built form, and overlays of digital projection content to explore ways of altering the emotions of motion, within a waiting space. It is with this conceptual backing that the project lands, operating at the nexus of immersive landscapes, built form, and waiting spaces.

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