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Leaders in large scale sustainability have come together under the Zofnass Program at Harvard University to identify the metrics necessary to develop a measurement of sustainable infrastructure.

Through an innovative collaboration between the academia and the private sector, key contributors practicing within the industries involved in planning and engineering the infrastructure have provided invaluable support to the Zofnass Program and have worked closely with the Harvard’s researchers to develop the Rating System.

This collaboration of leading firms and their representatives is essential to the development and implementation of a system that can be accepted industry-wide and have a fruitful contribution towards sustainable infrastructure.

The SIAB is comprised of senior executives from leading firms including Arup, Autodesk, BarclaysBentley SystemsCDMSmithCH2MEcology & EnvironmentGolder AssociatesInter-American Development Bank, KiewitLos Angeles MetroLouis BergerThe Nature ConservancyNV5, OtakPower Engineers,  Stantec, Thames Water Utilities Limited (London UK), TRC, and Wren House.

These organizations meet with Harvard faculty and researchers from the Schools of Design, Public Health, Engineering, Environment, Government and Business.

For further information on how to join, please contact Joan Zofnass, Director HR & Conferences in EFCG, Inc. at or at +1 (212) 752- 2107.

The SIAB instigates a creative and productive dialog in direct partnership with the Zofnass Program at Harvard, pushing topics of sustainability such as economic viability, implementation and best practices to new limits.



Rich Allen, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Stantec • Li Alligood, Senior Planner/Project Manager, Otak • Leo E. Argiris, COO (Americas Division), Arup • Chris Barron, Chief Communications Officer, Bentley Systems Incorporated • Santino Basile, Managing Director – Financial Sponsors, Barclays • Steven Berkenfeld, Managing Director in Investment Banking & Co-Head of Social Impact Banking, Barclays • Laura Bonich, Vice President, NV5 • Phil Bownes, General Counsel, Wren House • Dick Corolewski, Federal Business Unit Director, Power Engineers • Hakim Drissi Kaitouni, Managing Director, Wren House • Gerry Gallagher III, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ecology & Environment Inc. • James Grant, Associate Vice President; Energy & Fueling Systems Director, HNTB • Hannah Hamling, Global Sustainable Development Leader, Golder Associates • Jim Hamman, CEO, Otak • Harvey K. Hammond, Executive Chairman, HNTB • Stephen J. Hickox, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CDM Smith, Inc. • Jack Hand, Chief Executive Officer, Power Engineers • Marty Janowitz, VP, Practice Leader Sustainable Development, Stantec • Alan Jennat, Principal and CEO, Arup • Loren Labovitch, Director, Emerging Market Growth and Partnerships, MWH Global • Maria Lehman, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Ecology & Environment Inc. • Stuart D. Lesser, President, Principal-in-Charge, Joslin Lesser + Associates, Inc. – an NV5 Company • Thomas G. Lewis, President, Louis Berger. • Cris Liban, Executive Officer, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, Los Angeles Metro • Karen Lutz, Sustainbility Director, TRC  • Jane E. Madden, Senior Vice President, CDM Smith, Inc. • Jeffrey Mathews, Director – Infrastructure Advisory, Barclays  • Roberto Mezzalama, Principal and Project Director, Golder Associates • John Mogge, SVP, Global Environmental Market Director, CH2M • Jennifer Molnar, ‎Lead Scientist & Managing Director, Center for Sustainability Science, The Nature Conservancy • Scott Murray, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Stantec • Peter Nicol, Global Practice Director, CH2M • Andy Pickles, Principal, Golder Associates (HK) Limited  • Anthony J. Pusateri, Assistant Vice President – Leveraged Finance Credit Risk, Barclays • Theodore Roosevelt IV, Managing Director in Investment Banking & Chairman of Barclays Cleantech Initiative, Barclays • Heather Unger, Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Louis Berger  • Ana Maria Vidaurre-Roche, Regional Director Latin America, Infrastructure Investments, Transactions, CDPQ Pension Funds •  Karen Weiss, Senior Industry Strategy Manager, Civil Infrastructure Owners, Autodesk • Anna Wilkes, Senior Resource Management Consultant, Golder Associates • Joe Wingerter, Vice President, Kiewit Infrastructure Group • Dickerson Wright, CEO, NV5


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