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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)Zofnass Program collaboration began in mid-2013 with two pilot case studies from their private sector finance department, expanison of the airport  Juan Santamaria in Costa Rica and a wind-farm Peralta in Uruguay. Soon the collaboration was expanded in creating the first private sector infrastructure sustainability awards program, the IDB Infrastructure 360° awards, in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IDB Infrastructure 360° awards will identify, assess and reward sustainable infrastructure investments made by the private sector and public-private partnerships in IDB borrowing member countries. They will recognize outstanding sustainability practices with emphasis on climate and environment, as well as leading practices in social impact, governance and innovation.was expanded in creating the first private sector infrastructure sustainability awards program in Latin America and the Caribbean.

As part of this initiative, the Zofnass Program has developed an online self-assessment tool where project owners can evaluate and submit their infrastructure project. The IDB and Zofnass Program will select the 12 best projects every year to undergo a detailed sustainability assessment, from which the 3 best will be chosen as award nominees by a panel of experts. The first group of awardees will be announced at the IDB’s Annual Meeting in 2014. The IDBZofnass Program collaboration will provide exceptional opportunities for research and education for students and faculty.



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space1. Bahía Port, Colombia
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space2. Choluteca Project, Honduras
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space3. Chilca UNO Thermoelectric Combined Cycle Plant, Peru
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space4. Buen Ayre Biogas Thermoelectric Plant, Argentina
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space5. Atotonilco Wastewater Treatment Plant, Mexico
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space6. Dominica Wind Farm (Phase I and II), Mexico
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space7. Ucuquer II Wind Farm, Chile
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space8. Generación Andina Hydropower Project, Peru
(Ex. Summary EN|SP – Full Text EN|SP)space9. Point Fortin Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility, Trinidad and Tobago
(Ex. Summary EN|SP  – Full Text EN|SP)space10. TEGRAM (Maranhão Grain Terminal), Brazil
(Full Text EN|SP)space11. CTR Seropédica Waste Treatment Center, Brazil
(Ex. Summary EN|SP  – Full Text EN|SP)space12. Termoverde Caieiras Thermal Power Biogas Plant, Brazil
(Full Text EN|SP)space


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space1. Cerro Dominador Solar Plant, Chilespace2. Carilafquén/Malalcahuello Hydroelectric Plant, Chilespace3. Florida Wind Farm, Uruguayspace4. Cerro de Hula Wind Farm, Hondurasspace5. Santo Antônio Hydropower Plant, Brazilspace6. Tunjita Hydropower Plant, Colombiaspace7. EURUS Wind Farm, Mexicospace8. Improvement of the Interior Circuit of Mexico City, Mexicospace9. Expansion of the Port Container Terminal in Cartagena, Colombiaspace10. Aquapolo Water and Sanitation Project, Brazilspace11. Moquegua Photovoltaic Plant, Peruspace12. Multipurpose North Terminal at Port of Callao, Peruspace


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space1. New Quito International Airport, Ecuadorspace2. International (Ecological) Airport in Galapagos, Ecuadorspace3. Xingu and Macapá High Tension Lines, Brazilspace4. Aura Solar I Photovoltaic Plant, Mexicospace5. Pozo Almonte Solar Photovoltaic Plants, Chilespace6. Nuevo Nexaca – Ávila Camacho Highway,  Mexicospace7. Highway Vias Nuevas de Lima, Peruspace8. Los Hierros Hydroelectric Plant, Chilespace9. Santo Antônio do Jari Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazilspace10. Lima Metro Line 1, Peruspace11. Wastewater Treatment Plant & Marine Outfall of La Chira, Peruspace12. Los Cocos Wind Project, Dominican Republic 

New Quito International Airport, Ecuador International (Ecological) Airport in Galapagos, Ecuador Xingú and Macapá High Tension Lines, Brazil Aura Solar I photovoltaic Plant, Mexico Pozo Almonte Photovoltaic Plants, Chile Nuevo Necaxa-Avila Camacho Highway, Mexico Highway Vias Nuevas de Lima, Peru Los Hierros Hydrolectric Plant, Chile Santo Antonio do Jari Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil Lima Metro Line 1, Peru Wastewater Treatment Plant & Marine Outfall of La Chira, Peru Los Cocos Wind Farm, Dominican Republic


Dr. Andreas Georgoulias, Research Director,  [email protected]
Cristina Contreras, Research Associate & contact person for this project, [email protected]
Judith Rodríguez, Research Associate & contact person for this project, [email protected]

IDB 2016:
Manuela Guzmán, MAUD 2014 • Arianna  Galan, Master in Architecture I 16′ • Francisco Quiñones, Master in Architecture II 14′ • Valeria Fantozzi, Master in Architecture I 17′ • Jessica Bello, Master of Architecture in Urban Design 16′ • Mabe García, Research Fellow • Adriana Chavez, Master in Architecture II / MDess in Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology 14′  • Kimberly Orrego, Master in Architecture I 17′ • Rodrigo Guerra, Master of Architecture in Urban Design 16′ • Julia Carvalho Fernandes de Oliveira, Research Fellow •  Veridiana Neves Lejeune, Research Fellow • Ágatha Takara, Research Fellow

IDB 2015:
Cristobal N. Fuentes H., MDess 16′ • María Beatriz García, RA • Fabiola Guzmán Rivera, M.Arch • Reginald Raye, M.Arch • Adriana Chavez, M.Arch II/MDess 14′ • Axel Becerra, Postdoc Fellow • Mariana llano, MDess 16′ • Rahissa Melo, Fullbright Scholar • Laurel Schwab, MUP 16′ • Maria Arrasate, MDess 15′ • Arianna Galan, M.Arch • Francisco Quiñones, M.Arch II 14′
IDB 2014:
Emmanuel Torres, MAUD 14′ • Jennifer Lee, MUP 14′ • Juan Cristaldo, MAUD 13′ • Julie D. Mercier, MDess 15′ • Kevin Gurley, MUP 15′ • Manuela Guzman, MAUD 14′ • Maria Isabel Arroyo, MLA • Mariana Barrera, MUP 14′ • Sofia Viguri, MUP 15′ • Maria Catalina Picon, MLA 15′ • Daniel Daou, DDes • Anna Falvello, M.Arch I • Rosabella Alvarez-Calderón, Mdess 13′ • Omar Davis, MLA 14′ • Maria Arrasate, MDess 15′ • Arianna Galan, M.Arch • Francisco Quiñones, M.Arch II 14′


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