Towards Establishing “The Business Case for Planning Sustainable Infrastructure”: Insights from Infrastructure Cases


April 17-18, 2019

At the Zofnass Program at Harvard, ongoing research on “the Business Case for Planning Sustainable infrastructure” indicates that sustainability pays off. Sustainability contributes to savings and to avoiding costs and reducing the risks. The April 2019 Zofnass Workshop is dedicated to discussing insights through case studies, where sustainability is a central part of the project’s strategy.

The April ZPH Workshop will serve as a platform to further understand trends, fundamental partnerships, innovative schemes, and the value that sustainable projects bring for people, profitability and the environment. Panelists and attendees will further explore how sustainable infrastructure contributes to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Paris accord.

The panels are structured according to either (1) case studies, which we have already studied or (2) projects that have the potential to develop into case studies to fill gaps in our research spectrum. The panels focus on sustainable project portfolio management, sustainability-linked financing, sustainability in developing countries, zero emissions vehicles, autonomous vehicles improving efficiencies, solar hybrid microgrids in emergency power operations, natural capital approach to water infrastructure, digital models improving project delivery and asset performance, among others. The ZPH Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory Board members, key partners in case study development, will have an active role in the presentation and moderation of the panels.

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Reading material by panel:



PANEL 1. Contributing towards a Global Sustainability Agenda. Integration towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The UN Effort

1. UN Environment Resolution on Sustainable Infrastructure.

2. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Architecture guidebook.

PANEL 2. Valuing Sustainability in Infrastructure Investments: The WWF Report

3. WWF Report: Valuing Sustainability in Infrastructure Investments.

4. Case Study: Peralta Wind Power Project, Sustainable Infrastructure in Latin America: Infrastructure 360º Awards, pp. 407-421.

5. Detailed Envision Sustainability Assessment – Case Study: Peralta Wind Power Project, Uruguay.

PANEL 3. Insights from Sustainable Energy Infrastructure (in Room 109)

6. Case Study: Solar Hybrid Microgrids in Emergency Power Management.



PANEL 4. Insights from Sustainable Projects in Developing Countries: Financing and Engineering

7. Case Studies: Sustainable Infrastructure in Latin America: Infrastructure 360º Awards, pp. 35-371.

HBS Case Study Session

8. Los Olmos Irrigation infrastructure in Peru (hard copies available during event).

PANEL 5. Transportation Infrastructure

9. Case Study: rossrail -Elizabeth Line, London UK.

PANEL 6. Insights from Water Infrastructure

10. Case Study: Thames Water.


Detailed workshop program below and at link.

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