Forthcoming events


ZPH and ISI Present –

The Envision Playbook: Inspiring Expanded Implementation of Sustainable Infrastructure


Agenda – all times shown in Eastern Daylight Time

Day 1: Monday, March 23, 2020

Webinar 1: Making the Case for Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

10:00 am EDT

Morning Webinar Presented by Autocase

Moderator: John Williams

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Webinar 2: Committing to Sustainable Infrastructure

2:00 pm EDT

Moderator: Prof. Spiro Pollalis

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Session A: Pledges Towards Sustainable Infrastructure (2:00 pm EDT)

Session B: Who Asks for Sustainable Infrastructure? (3:00 pm EDT)

Day 2: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Webinar 3: Planning for Sustainable Infrastructure

10:00 am EDT

Moderator: Anthony Kane

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Session C: Driving Change with Policies Shaped by Envision (10:00 am EDT)

Session D: Sustainable City Planning and Programmatic Approaches to Sustainable Projects (11:00 am EDT)

Webinar 4: Sector Support for Implementing Sustainable Infrastructure

2:00 pm EDT

Moderator: Lindsey Geiger

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Session E: Using Envision to Bolster Education and Training (2:00 pm EDT)

Session F: Beyond the Bottom Line: Accounting for the Economy of Sustainable Infrastructure (3:00 pm EDT)

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