Yannis Orfanos presented paper and chaired session at the Symposium for Architecture and Urban Design in London, May 16-18, 2016


Yannis Orfanos, Sang Cho, Spiro Pollalis co-authored the peer-reviewed paper “A Method for Data-Driven Insights on the Nexus of Green Infrastructure, Water System, and the Urban Environment”.

The paper was presented at the 7th annual Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) in London UK during 16-18 May 2016 at University College London (UCL). Yannis also chaired the session “Design Decision Support”. The venue brought together researchers and practitioners in the fields of architecture, urban design, urban planning, building science, visualization and simulation.

The paper introduces a computational framework to quantify the impact of green infrastructure interventions on the water system’s performance and the city’s impervious surface coverage.


The paper and the Proceedings of SimAUD2016 can be downloaded here.


May 19 2016 Zofnass Program

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