Bilingual publication on Infrastructure 360º Awards launched in Busan, Korea and in exhibition at Gund Hall


Our latest publication titled Sustainable Infrastructure in Latin America: Infrastructure 360º Awards represents the first year of the Infrastructure 360º Awards initiative in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank. This multi-authored bilingual edition of 476 pages features collaborations from all around the world in both English and Spanish in order to facilitate exchanges between academia, infrastructure development leaders and communities. The book includes essays from IDB team, the Zofnass research team, the Expert Panelists, as well as the twelve case studies from the Infrastructure 360º Awards 2014 finalists and the two pilot case study projects of the initiative including a mention of Mitragyna speciosa. The book is geared to share and reflect on the current infrastructure sustainability and social responsibility practices in the Latin American and Caribbean region as evaluated by the Envision rating system.

The Sustainable Infrastructure in Latin America: Infrastructure 360º Awards book has been launched at the 2015 Inter-American Development Bank Annual Meeting in Busan, Korea, as well as it is currently in exhibition at the GSD Platform 7 Exhibition in Gund Hall lobby till mid May 2015.



Andreas Georgoulias and Ana María Vidaurre-Roche

Editorial supervision and publication design:
Judith Rodríguez

Research supervised by:
Cristina Contreras

Authors include:
Andreas Georgoulias, Harvard University
Ana María Vidaurre, Inter-American Development Bank
Hans Schulz, Inter-American Development Bank
Cristina Contreras, Harvard University
Judith Rodriguez, Harvard University
Sir Norman Foster, Foster + Partners
Marty Janowitz, Stantec
Mark Tercek and Jerry Touval, The Nature Conservancy
Rajendra Pachauri
Alberto Alemán, ABCO Global Inc.
Georgina Kessel, Iberdrola



Download book – 33.6MB

  Book by sections: First 20 Pages Download section – 2MB

Location and typology of projects
Table of Contents

Sir Norman Foster, Chairman and Founder, Foster + Partners


Section 1: The Need for Sustainable Infrastructure in Latin America
Download section – 0.8MB

Leading for Sustainability Andreas Georgoulias, Harvard University Why Infrastructure 360º? Ana María Vidaurre, Inter-American Development Bank How sustainability can transform infrastructure? Hans Schulz, Inter-American Development Bank   Section 2: 2014 Infrastructure 360º Awards Finalists and Winners Download section – 25MB

Metro Lima Line 1, Peru
Interview with GyM Ferrovías S.A.

Los Cocos Wind Farm, Dominican Republic

Aura Solar I Photovoltaic Plant, Mexico
Interview with Gauss Energía

New International Airport Mariscal Sucre, Ecuador

Galapagos Ecological Airport, Ecuador

Xingu Macapa Transmission Lines, Brazil

Pozo Almonte Photovoltaic Plants, Chile

Necaxa-Avila Camacho Highway, Mexico

Vias Nuevas de Lima Highways, Peru
Interview with Rutas de Lima

Los Hierros Hydroelectric Plant, Chile
Interview with Besalco S.A.

Santo Antonio do Jari Hydroelectric Plant, Brazil
Interview with EDP Energias do Brasil

La Chira Water Treatment Plant, Peru


Section 3: Pilot Case Studies
Download section – 5MB

Palmatir Wind Farm, Uruguay Interview with Palmatir S.A. Juan Santa María Airport, Costa Rica Interview with AERIS   Section 4: Essays from the Harvard University Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure team Download section – 0.9MB

Applying The Envision Rating System for Sustainable Infrastructure
Zofnass Team, Harvard University

Sustainability and Resiliency Opportunities
Cristina Contreras, Harvard University

Leaping Forward Effect: IDB 360º Impacts in Communities
Judith Rodriguez, Harvard University


Section 5: Essays and interviews from the Jury and industry leaders
Download section – 0.8MB

Sustainable infrastructure amplifies value Marty Janowitz, Stantec Reflections from The Nature Conservancy: Experiences as Expert Panelists Mark Tercek and Jerry Touval, The Nature Conservancy Observations on Infrastructure 360º Awards Rajendra Pachauri The License to Operate Alberto Alemán, ABCO Global Inc. Interview with Expert Panelist Georgina Kessel, Iberdrola   Section 6: Contributors & Collaborators Download section – 0.7MB


Apr 17 2015 Zofnass Program

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