Harvard Extension School Courses

Harvard Extension School Courses


In the spring and fall of 2014 several courses dealing with energy technologies, policies and environmental consequences are offered through Harvard Extension School. The following are some of the offered courses.

ENVR E-102 Energy and the Environment

This course examines the relationship between energy and the environment in our global society. It analyzes the driving forces that influence the production and consumption of energy to evaluate their impacts on environmental quality, human health, and social equity.

ENVR E-103 Energy: Perspectives, Problems, and Prospects

The course provides an historical account of the evolution of the modern energy system, from early dependence on human and animal power, to the subsequent use of wind and water, to recent reliance on fossil fuels, and even more recently to the development of the ability to tap the energy contained in the nucleus.

ENVR E-116 Measure, Report, Reduce: Practical Methods for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

A new field of greenhouse gas emissions management has emerged, which specializes in helping institutions and corporations identify and mitigate their contributions to climate change. This course builds the skills needed to conduct a greenhouse gas inventory, and reviews the tools and strategies necessary to set and achieve a carbon reduction goal.

ENVR E-119 Introduction to Sustainable Buildings: Design and Construction

This is an introductory course that provides content focused on the design and construction of sustainable buildings.

ENVR E-157 Sustainable Business and Technology

This course seeks to examine the trends in green business, and to identify which activities are based on enduring principles and which are likely to be fleeting.