Webinar Series 2015

Webinar Series 2015

In March 2015, HAPI hosted a five-part webinar series featuring research conducted by experts from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (HGSD) and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) on the connections between health and well-being and cities.  Click on each title to view more information about the webinar presentations.  View the webinar recordings on the HAPI YouTube channel.

Assessment and Management of Urban Micro-Climates for the Public Realm  
Wednesday, March 4. 9:00 AM EST  

This webinar reviewed case studies and publications on the relationship between efficient energy use and levels of resident satisfaction in Boston and Hong Kong, focusing on the CityComfort+ model.

Speakers: Dr. Jack Spengler,  Professor, HSPH; Jianxiang Huang, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Design,  University of Hong Kong

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The Impact of Urbanization on Land Use Change and Regional Carbon Budgets: a Case Study in China
Tuesday, March 10. 8:30 AM EST

This webinar will address the change in regional carbon balances related to land use change and land converted in the process of urbanized development in China.

Speakers: Dr. Jack Spengler, Professor, HSPH; Linda Tomasso, Project Associate, HSPH

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Planning and Design Guidelines and Prototypes for Healthier Places
Wednesday, March 11. 1:00 PM EST

Speakers from the HAPI team at the Graduate School of Design presented on evidence-based guidelines for healthier places including conceptual proposals operating at multiple scales: urban and local residential development as well as at the scale of specific buildings and typologies.

Speakers: Dr. Ann Forsyth, Professor; Leire Asensio-Villoria, Lecturer, Design Coordinator; David Mah, Lecturer, Design Coordinator; Laura Smead, Research Associate, all of the HGSD

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Creating Evidence-based Healthy and Energy-Efficient Housing
Tuesday, March 17. 8:00 AM EST

This webinar presented an overview of the evidence base related to the connections between housing and health.  Speakers drew from the published literature to examine important indoor exposures, our understanding of their determinants, and their connections to occupant health.

Speakers: Dr. Gary Adamkiewicz, Assistant Professor, HSPH; Dr. Jack Spengler, Professor, HSPH

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Planning and Design Health Assessment Tools
Tuesday, March 24. 1:00 PM EST

This webinar presented new health assessment tools and their application to testing both existing and planned neighborhoods, including a scoping checklist, a comprehensive checklist of key issues to consider and basic indicators of better health, and a workshop-based method.

Speakers: Dr. Ann Forsyth, Professor, HGSD; Emily Salomon, Research Associate, HGSD;  Laura Smead, Research Associate, HGSD

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