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America’s Thresholds

Daniel Daou | Doctor in Design

Einat Rosenkrantz  | Master in Architecture and Urban Design

Oscar Malaspina   | Master in Architecture and Urban Design

Adriana Chavez   | Master in Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology and Master in Architecture II


America’s Threshold | Arquine Competition First Place

The bridge is not a bridge; it is a great void. A simple gesture that potentiates linking the two areas of the river and its reactivation. Also involves other similar gestures, such as the ecological recovery of the river with a different territorial scale that allows to start thinking about urban ecology.

Promotes the ability to integrate various social programs; provides an open, flexible and generous to the city that promotes connectivity bi-national public space. It gets the riverbed and connects it with pre-existing spaces such as the Bicentennial Plaza and the Art plaza. The project has the potential to contain social program but mostly becomes a strategy to grow at territorial level. Moreover, the proposal is consistent with Tijuana’s current necessity as it is in a moment of recovery as a city and are these spaces for reflection which characterize its development.