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Urban Vulnerabilities

In the midst of Mexico’s rapidly transforming urban landscape, visual and spatial data can represent larger trends and help highlight entry points for tactical urbanism and other strategic interventions. Among the multiple thematic areas where visual representation and spatial documentation of interconnected urban vulnerabilities may be most needed, there is a special need for more materials that interrogate informality, property rights, land tenure, underground economies, housing scarcities, crime, insecurity, and other urban vulnerabilities. Work undertaken in collaboration with the Mexican Cities Initiative (MCI) will eventually form the basis for the production of a Spatial Atlas of Vulnerabilities in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area. In addition to the vulnerabilities listed above, the MCI is already making progress on the documentation of ecological challenges in urban areas, particularly those revolving around water rights, urban infrastructure, and resource distribution. These and other materials will be used to generate further research and hypothesis testing with respect to proposed interventions for more sustainable urbanism.