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Project Archive

The work displayed in this archive has been curated with the aim of showcasing a wide range of visual and textual materials on Mexican cities that push disciplinary and action boundaries through design thinking and practice in the fields of urbanism. Many works archived here include academic projects from students and faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, including the MCI’s own summer Research Fellowship program. In addition, the site also hosts an array of projects, reports, and visual resources produced by a larger network of scholars and practitioners in Mexico and elsewhere, many of whom may have been former students or visiting faculty at the GSD, but who are now continuing their work in Mexico through their own accomplishments and in the context of public and private organizations engaged in design research or practice in Mexico. A driving aim of this initiative is to strengthen this larger network of current and former students and Mexico-based affiliates to work within and beyond the GSD.

This public digital archive seeks to foster the incremental, cumulative, and ongoing production of knowledge on Mexican cities. It builds on the assumption that no single methodology, conceptual framework, or territorial entry point is more privileged than another. To this end, it displays works produced through a wide range of methodologies, focused on multiple scales and geographies, and with a trans-disciplinary sensibility. Its larger aim is to produce an ever-expanding conversation about risk, resilience, and urbanism that will engage an ever-widening circle of interested scholars and practitioners.