Density and Environments (2018-2020)

The D-Lab has worked on a variety of topics related to health and high and low-density environments, in several countries including China. Recent publications include:

2021     Forthcoming, Y. Lu, A. Forsyth, and S. Worthington. Built environment and self-rated health: comparing young, middle-aged, and older people in Chengdu, China. HERD: Health Environments Research and Design.

2020     C. Guan and A. Forsyth. Neighborhood, Urban Form, and Individual Influences on Active Transport in Chengdu, China. Journal of Transport and Land Use 13, 1: 367-388.

2018    A. Forsyth. Evidence-based Practice: Challenges in a Changing World. In T. Beatley, C. Jones, and R. Rainey eds, Healthy Environments, Healing Spaces: Current Practices and Future Directions in Health, City Planning, and Design. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press. Chinese translation by L. Wang, Journal of Urban and Regional Planning (2018).

2018     A. Forsyth, Congested Cities vs. Sprawl Makes You Fat: Unpacking the Health Effects of Planning Density, Town Planning Review. 89, 4: 333-354.