Healthy Places: COVID-19 and Cities, Ann Forsyth, Fall 2020

Building Human Interaction, Holly Samuelson, Spring 2019 and continuing

Extreme Urbanism 6: Designing Sanitation Infrastructure, Rahul Mehrotra, Spring 2019

Healthy Places, Ann Forsyth, 2012-2018

The connections between health, well-being, and place are a complex. This class focuses on four topics that will be important in coming decades: a place, suburbia; a population, older people; a method, neighborhood health assessment; and an implementation strategy, multi-sectoral collaboration. In examining these topics students also reflect on some larger questions. Can the way places are planned and designed improve health? What are the key health issues that should concern those in planning and related fields? Does the work of incorporating health issues into planning and design processes always add value? Is evidence-based practice really an improvement over business-as-usual? What is the relationship between the different approaches to incorporating health into planning and design practice: health assessments, built projects, regulations and policies, interagency coordination, and programs to change how places are used?