Creating Healthy Neighborhoods and Cities (2017-)

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods  by Ann Forsyth, Emily Salomon, and Laura Smead translates research about health and well-being into practical guidelines and considers how planners, designers, civic leaders, and activists can create places that reflect a broader concept of health or well-being. The team uses guidance based on research findings where those are available and fill the research gaps using frameworks about how health and place are related more generally and in relation to specific topics and types of places. In addition, the process of implementing new ideas is not unique to health but rather draws on a larger base of research evidence and professional experience. So in the end this can be read as a publication of ideas and guidelines for good planning and design, filtered through the lens of health. It was translated into Chinese.

Additional work has continued to explore general connections between health and places


EDRA/Places Great Places Book Award (2018)


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