Faculty affiliated with the Healthy Places Design Lab have conducted a number of projects related to healthy places. Recent highlights include:

Human-Building Interaction (2019-)Pedestrians in Hong Kong
Healthy Places Design Lab is collaborating with Holly Samuelson on a course related to Building-Human Interaction.

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Public Sanitation in Mumbai (2018-)

This project, led by Rahul Mehrotra, is examining the issue of public sanitation in Mumbai, with a special focus on community toilets in the city’s slums/informal settlements.

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Health Impact Assessment (2017-)

Health Impact Assessment

Health Assessments are a way to evaluate past planning outcomes or new planning and design proposals.

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Aging, Health, and Environments (2017-)

Homes and neighborhoods are increasingly the places where healthcare is being delivered to older people—replacing special facilities (e.g. nursing homes and hospitals). Led by Jennifer Molinsky and Ann Forsyth a series of projects are examining how home, neighborhood, and city environments can better support an aging population.

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Creating Healthy Neighborhoods: Evidence-based Planning and Design Strategies (2017)

This book by Ann Forsyth, Emily Salomon, and Laura Smead translates research about health and well-being into practical guidelines and considers how planners, designers, civic leaders, and activists can create places that reflect a broader concept of health or well-being.

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China’s Urban Communities: Concepts, Contexts, and Well-being (2016)

Chinese urbanization is one of the important phenomena of the last decades of the twentieth century and early decades of the current one. What are these urban communities in China like particularly in the large cities where high urban densities have become the norm?

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