Aging, Health, and Environments (2018-)

Homes and neighborhoods are increasingly the places where healthcare is being delivered to older people—replacing special facilities (e.g. nursing homes and hospitals). Led by Jennifer Molinsky and Ann Forsyth a series of projects are examining how home, neighborhood, and city environments can better support an aging population.

Jennifer Molinsky has led up work by the Joint Center for Housing studies on aging including Projections and Implications for Housing a Growing Population: Older Households 2015-2035. This report explores how by 2035, more than one in five people in the US will be aged 65 and older and one in three households will be headed by someone in that age group. This growth will increase the demand for affordable, accessible housing that is well connected to services far beyond what current supply can meet. This report charts the health concerns and housing needs of this growing population.


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  • 2018     Forthcoming, J. Molinsky, C. Herbert, A. Forsyth, Housing and Planning Supporting Healthy Aging. P. Coll ed. Healthy Aging – A Complete Guide to Clinical Management. NY: Springer.
  • 2016  Joint Center for Housing Studies, Projections and Implications for Housing a Growing Population. Cambridge, MA: JCHS

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