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Event: Delving into Mexican Cities Complexities: A Conversation with Diane Davis

Mexican cities face enormous urban challenges. From acute water shortages to housing crises and the surge in violence, these demand immediate attention. Join the Harvard University Mexican Association of Students (HUMAS) for the final edition of Exploring Mexico Across Harvard this academic year, for an impactful conversation with Dr. Diane Davis, Director of the Mexican Cities Initiative at the GSD, and Faculty Chair of the Committee on Mexico at the Harvard David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Together, we’ll explore these issues through the lens of equity in governance, informality, violence, and globalization within the urban realm. Save the […]

Conference: Mexico + H2O = Challenges, Reckonings, and Opportunities

Last year, “Mexico + H2O: Challenges, Reckonings, and Opportunities” brought together policy makers, scholars, and activists to discuss how lack and abundance of water, contaminated and privatized as well as communal, has altered both Mexican cities and rural areas. In many ways, water is synonymous with Mexican identity — the rise of Tenochtitlan was possible because of the control of water and the Mexican Revolution was as much a battle for land as it was for access to the resource that would water post-revolutionary lands. More recently battles over water on the U.S. – Mexico border are potential previews of […]

ReVista Launches Magazine Issue on Transportation

Transportation │ Fall 2021 │ Volume XXI, Number 1   On December 7, 2021, DRCLAS’ ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America launched its Fall 2021 magazine issue on transportation. The publication can be accessed here. Dr. Diane Davis moderated the event’s opening conversation between the magazine’s authors. The issue features several pieces on transportation in Mexico written by scholars and practitioners that collaborate with the Mexican Cities Initiative. It includes, among others, articles from: Roberto Aguerrebere, former Managing Director, Mexican Transportation Institute;  Carolyn Angius, Urban planner based in Los Angeles, California and GSD Graduate; Bernardo Baranda Sepúlveda, Professor, Master Program […]

Beyond Encampment: Post-Trump Immigration Policy, From Central America to the US

The Mexican Cities Initiative is co-hosting a conversation with a group of designers working to re-conceive global migratory structures. The event’s organizers share more information below.  —   Beyond Encampment is a series of conversations reflecting on design professionals’ efforts who work to change the paradigm of enclosure, and who practice models of urban integration and refugee resettlement through design activism. Rather than replicating large-scale encampment failures and the reactionary method of policing migration, we must proactively re-conceive forms of settlement at the terminus of forced migration and redesign the spatial plan and frameworks of refuge.   For the third […]

Architects Tatiana Bilbao and Carolina Sepúlveda Reimagine the Mexico-U.S. Migration Corridor

Tatiana Bilbao is a Mexico City-based Architect and Founder & Director of Tatiana Bilbao Estudio. Carolina Sepúlveda is a Chilean architect and researcher. She recently graduated from Harvard’s Master’s in Design Studies (MDes ADPD ‘20) program at the Graduate School of Design. Moderated by: Malkit Shoshan, Art, Design and the Public Domain Area Head, Graduate School of Design. In the December 2, 2020 panel, hosted by Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and the Graduate School of Design MDes program in Art, Design, and the Public Domain, Carolina and Tatiana discussed the urban transformations occurring across Mexico and […]

Kiley Fellow Lecture: Seth Denizen, “Thinking Through Soil: Case Study from the Mezquital Valley”

Seth Denizen, GSD Daniel Urban Kiley Teaching Fellows in Landscape Architecture  Seth Denizen is a GSD Kiley Fellow and design practitioner trained in landscape architecture and human geography. In his lecture “Thinking Through Soil: Case Study from the Mezquital Valley”, which took place on September 21, 2020, Denizen explores the relationship between land politics in the Mezquital Valley and Mexico City. He discusses both his research and the work that GSD students produced in conjunction with UNAM students in a studio course focused on the region. Watch the lecture here

Del Temblor al Arte

Del Temblor al Arte Artists’ responses to the earthquake in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec are a perfect example of how art can contribute, in an extreme situation like the one triggered in 2017, to expand community awareness by leveraging the potential of local culture. Antonio Moya-Latorre PhD Candidate in City and Regional Planning / Cornell University Architecture & Music / www.amaseme.net Photo credits: Sandra Fernández & Marco Antonio Peralta Velasco. That night, when the earth shook, thousands of stories where buried under the rubble of what had once been the homes and spaces of entire communities. The setting of their lives […]

Lower Dream State screened at the International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo / Harvard’s DRCLAS

Oliver J. Curtis and Gabriel Muñoz Moreno met in 2015 while at the Harvard Graduate School of Design where their common interest in architecture and ecology brought them together. As co-recipients of a research fellowship through Harvard’s Mexican Cities Initiative, they studied adaptation and development patterns throughout the oases of Baja California. An arid and rugged mountainous ridge, the Baja California region is home to more than one hundred inland and coastal oases. This project explored the development patterns, construction methods, and resiliency strategies already in place to understand the impacts of urban- and tourism-related growth. Without preconceived notions, they […]

Hermosillo: New Innovation Models in Emerging Cities

“City Design, Planning and Policy Innovations: The Case of Hermosillo” is an upcoming book by the IDB and Harvard that, thanks to the support of more than 40 experts, presents a relevant collection of public policy recommendations, programs and projects with the potential of transforming the future of this emerging city. Available for download free of cost at :  https://publications.iadb.org/en/city-design-planning-policy-innovations-case-Hermosillo    In an increasingly urbanized world, cities have become platforms for innovation and change, particularly in developing countries. In Latin America and the Caribbean, emerging cities have taken center stage. While megacities face great challenges to distribute goods and services […]

News – GSD Alumni Awarded Regional LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 Latin America

GSD alumna wins award for her work on publicly accessible water infrastructure in Mexico City. Loreta Castro (MAUD 10’) took the Gold Award for the 2017 Latin America LafargeHolcim competition on sustainable construction. Loreta Castro and co-author Manuel Perló won the 2017 Gold Award for their project, “Parque Hídrico Quebradora.” Another GSD alumna, Elena Tudela (MAUD 12’), is also on the team. The proposal addresses water infrastructure in Iztapalapa, a water-scarce borough within the federal district of Mexico City. Loreta and her team designed a water retention and treatment complex that intermingles public buildings and green spaces with flood basins. […]