COVID-19 Work by the Healthy Places D-Lab

The Healthy Places D-Lab continues to address COVID-19. For earlier work see our June 7, 2020 posting.

J-Term Workshop: Small Farm to Food Insecure: Matching Needs with Surplus. Harvard Graduate School of Design,  Kira Clingen, MLA/MDes’21, Tessa Crespo, MDes ’20, and Amy Thornton, MDes ’20, January 2021.

Talk: Healthy Communities, Urban Planning, and COVID-19. Asian Development Bank/Tongji University, Ann Forsyth, December 2020.

Panel: Four Paths, Post COVID-19: Lessons for Planning Future Cities. ACSP Conference, Ann Forsyth, November 2020.

Editorial: Speaking to the Future: COVID-19 and the Planning Community. Journal of the American Planning Association 86, 3: 281-283, Ann Forsyth, June 2020.

Blog: Designing Senior Housing for Safe Interactions in the Age of COVID-19, Jennifer Molinsky, August 2020.

Blog: As Economy Reopens, Guidance Must Consider Older Adults’ Living Situations, Jennifer Molinsky, June 2020.